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Welcome to the blog site of the Dinner Set Gang, the most innovative and successful jewel thief team ever in America. Because of the enthusiastic response after Pete and Dominick agreed to appear on 60 Minutes with their story, and continuing articles in the press that refer back to their incredible exploits, the guys are willing to share some of their thoughts and memories more directly through a blog. While Dominick is free now, on parole for a bit longer, Pete is still incarcerated on a separate charge, so we can pass along and post his thoughts here for him. That should be unique – both voices, from inside and out.

So check back periodically for posts from Pete and Dominick (who’s called “Don” by Pete and the family) and feel free to comment if you like. They’ll hear about it.

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  1. colin Says:


  2. Bennie Gentile Says:

    Read your story.Very interesting. Like to hear from you.I live in Florida now. Regards Bennie

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