Copycats II: Dinnertime Bandit

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I hear they just brought back Alan Golder – the guy they were calling the Dinnertime Bandit. Guess where they got that name from. Let me tell you how he found out about me & Don when he was a kid, and was sent out to copy us. Don told some of this to the newspapers last year when Golder was caught.

When we were the biggest in the early 70’s, everybody wanted a piece, and Figgy, one of the mob guys we knew through the family, was always puttin’ pressure. So every once in a while instead of our regular fences, we’d give his guys – Alex, a Russian who survived the concentration camps, and his son – a little something. The last package we gave Alex was in ’75, from an actress who was giving a party in Greenwich. Just before me and Don split up for a while.

So Figgy and Alex need somebody else, so they tell this kid Golder in ’76 – I hear he was like 21 – that he had to copy us, that’s how we made the money. I hear this later from the FBI, who wanted to prove a RICO case against Figgy and Alex. They did it to – Figgy and Alex both took a plea later and got 10 years each.

Golder made the mistake of bringin’ guys with guns to that house on Long Island in ’78, and the owner gets killed. They told me Golder took a 6-carat ring right off the wife’s finger – that’s when the husband went and got a shotgun and they shot him instead. Golder brought other guys in the house with him, which you can’t ever do – you have to make sure you always know where everybody is. Yeah, you can’t ever allow weapons, never confront people. Rather walk away with nothin’ than hurt anybody.

Even in our last thing in ’92, the minute we knew the woman heard something, we left. She never saw us, I didn’t take a thing. That’s the way it had to be.

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    Glad I caught the articles, I know(knew) Pete, and a few others many many Moons ago, Just mention Lucy’s (Lucia) daughter Lori from Yonkers.. Hi Guys, wish you all well.
    where did all the time go?, looking back at online photos.

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